Retreats 2019

If you would like to join any of the wonderful retreats below, please contact the teacher or Gillian at

18th to 21st May 2019
25th May to 1st June 2019
aluna adventures

8th to 15th June 2019
A cluster of events, Friday 28th and Sat 29th June

2nd to 9th July
angela yoga retreat

11th to 14th July
aluna adventures

31st August to 6th September 2019
Jacqueline yoga retreat

Kundalini Yoga and the Divine Feminine

11th to 15th 2019 September
angela yoga retreat

19th to 26th September


A 3 night Yoga Retreat

With Kate Coulison

18th to 21st May 2019

In 2019 I’m keeping my yoga retreats more local. The first will be at a wonderful retreat centre south of Carcassonne.

We’ll do yoga 2 or 3 times a day, exploring different styles of yoga, meditation, relaxation and journaling. We’ll explore the surrounding area on foot and you can book a treatment with our hostess, Gillian Rice-Duncan, who is trained in massage and aromatherapy as well as being a Hatha yoga teacher.

Gillian also prepares the meals, which will be vegetarian or vegan. Accommodation is in shared rooms and each room has its own private bathroom.

380€ for 4 days / 4 nights, including accommodation, meals, yoga and walks. We will organise as much car-sharing as possible to keep travel costs down.

I will only be taking 12 people on this retreat so please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to come or if you have any questions at all.


Clearing the Landscape of the Soul

A 7 Day Retreat with Dr Stephen M. Marcus and Barbara Kroll

25th May to 1st June

We are excited to once again invite you to join us for a very special retreat in the heart of French Occitania. The core of our time together will be based on the Freedom Through Releasing process of Dr Isa and Yolanda Lindwall (, and also WE-space presencing practices which allow us to take our inner work even further into the space of our mutual connection and our connection with all of life in trust, openness and love.
As we come together with a genuine desire for the highest not only for ourselves but also for each other, we find that our issues gently dissolve in this space of mutual love and trust. And as our hearts open more and more, we are in deeper contact with ourselves and those around us. Old wounds may be healed and blockages dissolved for ourselves and the whole. A sense of connectedness and oneness arises which very naturally continues after the workshop.

We will also be opening to and deeply embodying the spirit of the land where we find ourselves: looking south, gently rolling hills give way to a spectacular backdrop of the high Pyrenees. This is the land where Mary Magdalene and her followers are said to have lived, leaving sites dedicated to her memory even today and a tangible presence rooted deep in the earth. It is also the Pays Cathare, that part of Europe where a fertile culture of peace and understanding flourished in the 12th century between the Cathar people and the local Catholic and Jewish communities. A golden age of culture, tolerance and understanding which ended with the so-called Albigensian Crusade, the total genocide of the Cathars. The eternal flame of spirit and sacred way of love which they embraced could not be extinguished and lives on in the land to this day.

The retreat will be in English and German.
Go to for more information about Stephen and Barbara’s retreat.
Go to for general information.


L’étoile Intérieure


8TH to 16th June 2019
New Space for Yoga and Self-Expression
We invite you to explore new space in the South of France: space for re-calibrating, renewing, and finding a connection with your own curiosity, peace, and practice of self-expression. For a week among the wildflowers, mountains, and castles you will practice yoga, go on daily adventures, enjoy delicious food and the famous French wine, and do simple exploratory creative projects in one of the world’s truly magical places. The moment when spring turns to summer is lovely near Toulouse and utterly perfect for the mood of this trip: l’étoile intérieure – interior star – is our way of calling to your own deep wellspring of lightness and fire.​

What you will find on arrival: a petite village, our home-base: Conilhac-de-la-Montagne, with a population under one hundred, surrounded by poppies and roses, sycamores, large sprawls of wind-swayed wheat, and vineyards that lap against the roads before drawing back toward the horizon, which is itself hugged between an achingly blue sky and a line of Pyrenees mountains. Out of sight, though not far, are medieval castles once inhabited by the Cathars (who held them in honor of their own cultural independence; we’ll hike into one of them – it is stunning), an actual forest-labyrinth (we’ll explore it) clear glacial lakes (we should spot them on another hike) and rolling hills that laugh their way across the land. There’s a comfortable room for our yoga practice, a breakfast patio that overlooks the curved red shingle roofs of the village, and a lot more.

What if experience could be an alphabet that spells out luck letters to your future self? What if it was fun? What if cultivating stability, awareness, and joy in every day acts is actually the key to practicing real magic? It’s our hope that this trip will stay with you long past June, and help to shed light on new parts of your own self.

​Ah, see you in France!​

Retreat includes:
7 nights at Santosha Yoga Centre
1 night in Toulouse
3 meals/daily (except when noted)
all transportation in France
daily yoga + meditation
creativity workshops
4-5 hiking adventures/excursions

Not included:
R/T flight to Toulouse (TLS)
2 dinners
1 lunch​
entry fees to castles/museums
travel insurance

For more information and registration, go to
Upon receiving your deposit, we will send you an information packet that will include guidance on purchasing your flight.

aluna adventures

Inner Dance, Cacao Ceremony, Live Music, Mantras, Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, and a private film screening

J-Amrita and Antarma

2 day event program Friday 28th
and Saturday 29th June

A wellness workshop ( in English & French ) unique in the area of Languedoc-Roussillon.
FRIDAY 28TH JUNE 2019 from 17h30 to midnight: An evening in two parts. Come to one or both. A unique evening of movements and sounds : Inner Dance with J-Amrita, sacred chants, cacao ceremony, live uplifting musics of the world with Antarma and his drums. You listen, you take part, you dance, you sing the chants and mantras! For the first time in France Antarma shares as always with love his uplifting and joyful music played on djembes and guitar. A special event not to be missed that you won’t forget.
Part 1
17h30 – 19h15: Inner dance
19h30 – 20h30 Excellent bio vegan 2 course meal from Benedicte at La Goutine Restaurant.
Price €20
Part 2
20h45 Cacao ceremony and live music from the incredible Antarma, guitar and dgembes.
All of this to leave you in a radiant and joyous memorable state! More about J-Amrita and Antarma below.
Price €20
€40 for both parts. Payable via Paypal to J-Amrita, please see link below.

SATURDAY 29TH JUNE 2019 from 10h to 17h30 / 16h. Kundalini Yoga & Kundalini Dance sessions run by J-Amrita and special guest Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher from New Orleans, Steph Smith. Nicely accompanied by Antarma’s live music . This will be followed by a vegan/vegetarian organic lunch. Steph Smith currently is working on a feature length documentary called Give Light: Stories from Indigenous Midwives, more information about the film is at She is delighted to offer a private work-in-progress fundraising screening as a part of this workshop. The day will end with a concert with our fabulous conscious Antarma whose texts come from the heart.
€65€ including lunch, per person. Participation of your choice for projection of the film “Give Light”

Spaces are limited for Inner Dance. Come to both days or just one. More details here or by email to : “Inner Dance with J-Amrita and Antarma’s music”.
BOOKING ESSENTIAL BY 19 JUNE. To register please email J-Amrita and send payment via Paypal (link below) or ask for bank details to be sent to you. Many thanks. Light and Love to all.

Overnight accommodation available at Santosha Yoga at reasonable rates, contact

Jacqueline Amrita is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, a facilitator of Inner Dance (created by Pi) and facilitator of Awakened bellydance (created by the dancer Katie Holland). For the love of varied musical rhythms which touch our heart and soul (and that are also used in the unique practices of Inner Dance and Awakened Bellydance ) , Amrita invites you to share an unforgettable event by having the honour of welcoming for the first time in France the fabulous musician Antarma.

Antarma’s music spreads joy and uplifting energy. Heart opening songs on guitar, Ecstatic Afro Brazilian Djembe Rhythms, Soul, Reggae and Hiphop. With the blessing of his Guru In South India, he shares Mantra and Meditation. He has been on the path of Meditation for 18 years, learning with Masters from Indian, Amazonian, Sufi and African Brasilian Sacred Traditions. Antarma has over 11 years experience teaching Djembe Drumming, Mantra Meditation, Guitar and Kids Yoga. Antarma shares at events, retreats and festivals across the UK. He is regularly invited to share workshops concerts and retreats, Internationally in Switzerland, Italy and Malaysia. He has completed recording his eagerly awaited Debut Official Single and EP release that is due out very soon!
For More details email:
Paypal payments to Jacqueline Amrita:

For more info on Give Light film:


aluna adventures

Joy. Bliss. Living life to its fullest.

Jivamukti Yoga


Tuesday 2nd to 9th July 2019
7 day Yoga Retreat

Longwave Yoga invites you to enjoy a week of nourishment for the mind, body, and soul with our 7-night summer retreat led by Mary Glackmeyer and Eddy Nataraj. Nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in Southern France, our Feed Your Soul Retreat is the perfect opportunity to cultivate a deep connection to the vibrancy of your own spirit and the abundance life has to offer. Your experience will be enhanced by daily asana classes led by Mary and evening satsang, kirtan, and soundbaths with Eddy. Explore the local vineyards, rolling hills of lavender and sunflowers, medieval castles, significant religious sites, ancient forests, and our own inner landscape of the mind and heart. Whether you feed your soul with yoga, incredible food, adventure, or enjoying the richness of life, this retreat will be one to remember.

For more details and to register please go to

Angela promo roof terrace



Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th July 2019.

We often underestimate the power of gathering with an intentional purpose as a TRIBE. Join me and the yogi tribe in one of my favorite places on the planet for a soulful weekend to connect in spirit! Yoga is just the excuse!

Going back to nature in this quaint country village, we’ll eat from the organic garden, salute the sun with our morning yoga practice, swim in turquoise natural baths & learn about the history of the region from our gracious hosts, Gillian & Neil.

The Setting: 3 nights/4 days in a historic French cottage with epic views of vineyards, sunflower fields and the Pyrenees.

A typical day:
Daily meditation
Morning & evening yoga classes (All levels)
Three scrumptious vegetarian/vegan meals per day
Tea and snacks
Relaxation time to de-stress in the garden or take a long walk in the surrounding French countryside.

Hike & picnic to the natural Labyrinth (think cool & crisp forrest fairyland)
Afternoon at the natural hot springs or swimming pools
Visit to the local French market
*All outings are optional and spaced out in order to provide plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate.

Read more about it on the Facebook event or my website
Find out more about about Lila Yoga Massage –

6 night/5 day Day Hiking & Yoga Retreat


Saturday 31st August to 6th September 2019,

Tandy’s journey into yoga started over 17 years ago, when she discovered the healing power of Yoga after a serious accident. This journey has taken her all over the world, where she has undergone intensive training from amazing and talented teachers and holistic therapists, which has resulted in her now attaining the status of Yoga Elder with the International Independent Yoga Network.

Tandy is the founder of Prana Navina Yoga and as a Buddhist and Yogi believes that our ultimate goal is enlightenment, which involves realizing the unity and interconnectedness of all beings and things. The transformative journey of Yoga unites body, mind and spirit. Prana Navina Yoga aims to opens the gateway to this ancient spiritual discipline, awakening the power to transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

We strive to live in the present moment every day, evolving and becoming more connected to our surroundings, and the impact that our actions can have on the future. Our aim is to help and support you embrace the Sacred Power of Yoga and deepen your connections to all that is around you, creating joy, happiness, health and a deep connection with our environment. Our Yoga and Hiking Retreat is based firmly on these principles.

Join us for five mornings of Energizing Vinyasa Yoga, followed by an invigorating and connecting hike in the beautiful mountains of the French Pyrenees, then replenish the body with delicious organic food and juices, ending with a relaxing evening of meditation and yoga nidra!…..The perfect way to re-connect with your environment, whilst diving deeper into your yoga practice.

Your retreat includes:

5 guided walks throughout the beautiful mountain range.

5 morning flowing vinyasa yoga classes

5 evening meditation and yin yoga classes with pure organic essential oils

6 nights at the Yoga Retreat and Healing Centre in spacious community-style rooms with nutritious breakfast and organic juices.

5 lunches and 6 dinners organic vegan meals

Sunset picnic dinner with an almost 360 breath taking view of the surrounding valley and the Pyrenees Mountains.

Free transportation from and to Limoux Gare, or we can organize collection from Toulouse airport. Please email for price.

Date and price:

Saturday 31st August to 6th September 2019. 6 nights

Price: €789

Note: This is a woman’s only retreat….time for women to join together and connect and support each other in this nourishing environment.
For more information:

aluna adventures

Kundalini Yoga and the Devine Feminine


11th to 15th 2019 September

Jacqueline is a Kundalini yoga teacher and an instructor of AwakenED Belly Dance and Inner Dance. She lives in Quillan, France, which is only a 20 minute drive from Santosha Yoga, in the beautiful Haute Vallee de l’Aude.

Awakened Bellydance® mixes various styles of dances and body expressions as an approach to access our Wild Woman Nature . It awakens us to our Divine ancestral Feminine Power buried in our unconscious. We are guided through movements of sacred or tribal dances that help us connect to our true Self rebalancing the emotional and psychological states.

Do you understand what prevents you from feeling fulfilled? Do you advance on your current path of life in peace and harmony?

With Awakened Bellydance® combined with sessions of Kundalini Yoga, you begin a spiritual journey for your empowerment by finding your inner light to see how to advance in this world.

Meet the teachers:


Sat Naam everyone, I am Jacqueline ( or J-Amrita) your host for that wonderful event that my very good friend and spiritual Sis-Star, Leah is sharing with me .

I am a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher , a facilitator of Awakened Bellydance® and of Inner Dance. During my time as the Office Manager of an eco-friendly company in UK , I experienced some personal and emotional challenges which made me think about my life differently, wondering about my purpose and questioning my usual way of living. There was an urge to discover who I really was…My healing journey was starting … Kundalini Yoga came to me at the right time (Yes the Universe has our back) and although I was practicing other types of yoga, this one was the one that helped me most to deal with lots of things. I also got the opportunity to train in parallel for Awakened Bellydance® (a practice that I am offering on this retreat – see other post for details) . A new door was really opening as my life was taking a dramatic turn. The connection between the Kundalini Yoga technology and Awakened Bellydance® was obvious to me . I felt very excited knowing how well by my own experience these healing tools combined could help women realise how strong and powerful they are and they could still be loving, caring, nurturing , have all their feminine attributes but balanced with the masculine sides of the psyche.

I consider myself an altruist and caring person and deep at heart I have always been a teacher (my first training as a young University student was in teaching) . Teaching to me means sharing in a loving way . It became evident that I would want to share the techniques of Kundalini Yoga and Awakened Bellydance® to help women on their healing journey so that they could find their Divine power again.

I had a complete lifestyle change, followed my heart , left UK and went to live in a very special area of France – my country of origin – to be of service at a deeper level.

Unknowingly to me when I left, I found then that this area of France is very special due to its variety of healing energy sites due to its past and the history of the Cathars .

I am really looking forward now to welcome the women who want to believe (again?) in themselves so that they can walk in Beauty and Love.

Light and Love to you all.


Hi I’m Leah Golde and I will be one of your hosts on this amazing journey, I just wanted to give you a little background on myself. I am lifestyle reinvention coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Holistic Therapist. I create programs for people who wish to feel an equilibrium in their mind, body, emotions and energy enabling them to live a happier healthier lifestyle. I have helped many people, one to one and in group settings. I am trained in modalities such as Mindfulness CBT coaching, holistic therapies, nutrition, energy work and kundalini yoga to create a synergy for transforming you in reaching your Divine Essence. I myself have been on a 10 year journey in learning to balance mind, body, energy and emotions to master self and come into a centred harmony within and without. I still continue to grow. I have managed to create a life where I lead from the heart which last year took me on planetary service in The Netherlands, Africa and Jerusalem and this year to the South of France where we will be holding this retreat for the beautiful women who feel called to join us.

I am really passionate about sharing what I have learnt with others and helping others to move through traumas and blockages, so that they too can live a life they create on their own terms with purpose, passion and love to share their gifts with the world. We are the bridge from heaven to earth ✨

Your investment of £997includes:
Daily Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) or Kundalini yoga style classes
Daily Awakened Bellydance sessions on the chakras
Evening Meditations for the Divine Feminine
One day visit of special energetic places such as Bugarach Mountain, Mary-Magdalene’s cave, Fontaine des Amours etc…(outdoors visits and walks may change depending on the weather)
One evening of sound bath.
Organic vegan/vegetarian meals from Wednesday dinner to Sunday breakfast. Sunday lunch from the lively market of Espéraza.
Transport to and from Carcassonne airport and visited places.
Yoga equipment
4 nights accommodation in shared rooms with their own private bathroom.
Please bring a pen , colouring pens and notebook for journaling ( if you don’t already have a journal!) .



aluna adventures

Joy. Bliss. Living life to its fullest.


Thursday 19th to 26th September 2019
7 night Yoga Retreat

Join us for a seven-night retreat in Conilhac De La Montagne connecting to the beauty of the south of France as you relax in a fully renovated, 400-year old stone cottage surrounded by vineyards and sunflower fields. Enjoy daily yoga in the onsite studio space with windows that look south toward the distant peaks of the French Pyrenees. Practice the art of presence as you explore the many walking trails around the local village. If you have been craving time and space for joyful embodiment, we invite you to join us for this unforgettable adventure.


Seven nights lodging at the Santosha Yoga Retreat in spacious community-style rooms
Transportation to and from the Limoux Gare train station
Three delicious, organic vegan meals served onsite at Santosha each day
Sunset picnic with a near 360-degree view of the gorgeous surroundings
Moon Circle providing space for powerful intention setting
Excursions to local attractions
The retreat does NOT include airfare, additional meals you may want to experience outside of what is prepared at Santosha, optional add-on services (Thai bodywork, reiki, massage), and any additional adventures/excursions you may plan.

Register at